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15 Greek Chambers open their “wings” to the Russian market

15 Greek Chambers and 3 business entities make real the viewpoint “crisis gives birth to chances”, in collaboration with the GreekRussian Centre ERMIS, and 5 Russian Chambers and Entities, by organizing the 1st GreekRussian Business Forum ERMIS, that will take place in Thessaloniki, on May 16th – 17th, 2013.

Within this framework, the first official meeting is being held this afternoon, among the Greek chambers and entities who participate as co-organizers of this Forum.

The Greek Chambers that implement this project- most of them located in Northern Greece, are of: Serres, Kavala, Chalkidiki, Magnisia, Trikala, Corfu, Grevena, Kozani, Evros, Rodopi, Xanthi, Drama, Pieria, Chamber of Small and Medium Sized Industries of Thessaloniki, Professional Chamber of Thessaloniki.

Supporters of this operation are: the Federation of Industrialists of Northern Greece (FING), the Exporters' Association of Northern Greece (SEVE), the Association of GreekRussian Cooperation of Northern Greece (AGCNG).

Furthermore, the Mayor of Thessaloniki, Mr. Yiannis Boutaris, expressed the intention of the Municipality of Thessaloniki to assist this effort, highlighting that “which ever action refers to the extroversion of Greek economy and the acceleration of international business partnerships, contributes decisively to recovery and the way out of recession”.

On behalf of the Russian Federation, co-organizers are: the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of the Russian Federation, the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Saint Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Enterprise Europe Network St’ Petersburg, and St’ Petersburg Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

B2B Meetings

The Aim of the Business Forum highlights exports promotion of Russian and Greek products/services to the Greek and Russian market, respectively, as well as the investment activity of Russian and Greek businessmen.
The Forum is expected to become a significant event, not only for the city of Thessaloniki and local doing business, but for national businesses as well, and as such for the global market.
The biggest part of the Business Forum will be covered by B2B meetings by Russian and Greek businessmen.  Within the forum, investment proposals upon sectors of tourism, energy, exports, etc., will be presented, during discussion panels that will take place, by distinguished speakers.
Τhe Forum is a unique opportunity for investment professionals, entrepreneurs, export companies, to exchange their views and experiences, primarily though, a significant occasion to achieve business partnerships.   Within the Forum activities, a series of presentations will take place regarding Investment proposals for the accomplishment of Joint Ventures by Russian and Greek businessmen, also for buying and selling of companies.
The Forum is addressed to Entrepreneurs interested in doing business in Russia and Greece, Investors from leading venture capital funds, Top managers.
More than 150 Russian and 200 Greek companies expressed their interest in participating to this Forum.  Sectors of Interest are: Food and Drinks, Clothing, Cosmetics – Parapharmaceuticals, Construction materials, Tourism, Services (esp. consulting and real estate services).

Russia, friendly favorable to Greek products
The president of Small and Medium Sized Industries’ Chamber, Mr. Panayiotis Papadopoulos, referred to the advantages of the Russian market, during his short speech. “Russia has great interest for Greek companies, as significant advantages appear, such as its size and its geographical proximity to Europe, amongst others.

In the meanwhile, the stability of economic development during the past decades and the consumption increase of households create motives for investors, who wish to enter the rapidly developing market of Russia.

The most important aspect, though, is that Russia acts in favor of Greek products.  Indicatively, the positive attitude Russian consumers have for Greek products, according to figures given by the national statistical authorities, applies to the increase of Greek exports at a rate of 34% to the Russian Federation, which was shown during the first half of year 2012, while the same period last year, exports reached a 27%”.  Furthermore, the President of VETH, highlighted that, “the challenges of this continuous changing economic and socio-political environment, in which we exist and operate, requires a joined effort, in order to achieve new co-operations, exchange experiences and move onwards the following day in secure”

Dynamic prospect of co-operation between Greece and Russia
The president of the GreekRussian Center ERMIS, Mr. Christos Meglas, also President of Serres Chamber, focused on the dynamic development of Greek Russian co-operation, highlighting that all parties involved to the implementation of the Forum, wish this event to be established and become an institution, which will be held on a year basis.

“The implementation of the 1st GreekRussian Business Forum ERMIS, is an initiative supported by the GreekRussian Centre ERMIS, a non profit organization, acting at the aim of Greek products promotion and sales development in the Russian market.  Founding members of the GreekRussian Center ERMIS, are the chambers of: Serres, Chalkidiki, and Kavala city”

The 1st GreekRussian Business Forum ERMIS, that will be held in May, 2013, will offer only benefits to all its supporters.

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