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Within the bilateral relations between Greece and Russian Federation, we are pleased to announce the implementation of the 1st Greek-Russian Business Forum ERMIS, that is scheduled to take place in Thessaloniki, on May 16th – 17th, 2013.

The 1st GreekRussian Business Forum ERMIS, is an initiative supported by the Greek Russian Center ERMIS, a non profit organization, acting at the aim of Greek products promotion and sales development in the Russian market.

The Aim of the Business Forum highlights exports promotion of Russian and Greek products/services to the Greek and Russian market, respectively, as well as the investment activity of Russian and Greek businessmen.

Within the Forum activities, a series of presentations will take place regarding Investment proposals for the accomplishment of Joint Ventures by Russian and Greek businessmen, also for buying and selling of companies. The biggest part of the Business Forum will be covered by B2B meetings by Russian and Greek businessmen, who wish to achieve their proposed co-operation.

Τhe Forum is a unique opportunity for investment professionals, entrepreneurs, export companies, to exchange their views and experiences, primarily though, a significant occasion to achieve business partnerships. 

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