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List of Greek participating companies

Company NameCompany TitleJob TitleBusiness SectorCompany's CountryCompany Logo
GARTSOS ATHANASIOS - Melisseus Honey GARTSOS ATHANASIOS - Melisseus Honey Honey production of various typesFood-BeveragesGreece
GLYKIA ESTIASI S.A.Production and trading of traditional sweet, as well as running the chain stores "Zaxaroplasteia Xatzis"Food-BeveragesGreece
METEORA FOODThe company produces and trades ready frozen food (Greek Recipies)Food-BeveragesGreece
Dimitra SADimitra SAManufactor of animal food and pet food.Food-BeveragesGreece
Hellenic Spirulina Net LTDHellenic Spirulina Net LTDProduction & Trading of SpiroulinaFood-BeveragesGreece
DRAGOS PAULOSDRAGOS PAULOSFood production, with main activity homemade pies with filling trachana and noodles.Food-BeveragesGreece
SMARTFOODSSMARTFOODSProduction of First Plant materialsFood-BeveragesGreece
ELIMELIA 3 ltd.ELIMELIA 3 ltd.3-star Hotel in Aiani, Kozani. Promotion of Alternative Tourism.Food-BeveragesGreece
Union of Agricultural Coop.PoligirouProcessing of Green OliveFood-BeveragesGreece
PEZA UNIONPEZA UNIONThe main products of the company is extra virgin olive oil and wineFood-BeveragesGreece
EVGE S.A.EVGE S.A.Production of Traditional Salads, Supplying Supermarkets, Hotels, Restaurants & CateringFood-BeveragesGreece
EFTHYMIADI AGGELIKIPARK OF OITIS HONEYProduction and packaging unit of honey and royal jellyFood-BeveragesGreece
ZIKOS THEODOROS & CoZIKOS THEODOROS & CoTraditional Dairy ProductsFood-BeveragesGreece
ZISIS FOTIOSZISIS FOTIOSIs dedicated to the cultivation of sweet corn and various vegetables (such as broccoli, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, etc.)Food-BeveragesGreece
Zlatani XFood-BeveragesGreece
THESSALIKO TRIKALON S.A.THESSALIKO TRIKALON S.A.Dairy products production industry Food-BeveragesGreece
Thessaliko Trikalon Thessaliko TrikalonProduction cheese and fetaFood-BeveragesGreece
GAIA4LIFE JOHN MANISGAIA4LIFE JOHN MANISIt represents high quality Greek wineries, Greek canned olive oil products and a producer of "BIO" soft drinksFood-BeveragesGreece